This blog is a little different for me as it’s not about buying clothes or shoes or accessories it’s about a better, more organized and definitely more peaceful way to keep all those great things!

Organization is what I badly needed for all the items I have gotten such awesome deals on.  I find myself very often just wearing the same outfits because it was easier than to “dig out” other looks.   I’m quite sure many of you do that as well.

I am generally a very organized person except for this one part of my life…it honestly has always been that way for me since I was a teenager.  I didn’t care so much about clothes or looks in those days but still what I did have was extremely disorganized and chaotic, which didn’t bother me back then but NOW I find myself very disturbed and thrown off by disorganization of any kind.  My things being in order gives me peace of mind and frankly an easier lifestyle for me because I can get out the door faster and looking better!

All these fabulous bargains and deals and looks for less that I have clearly overloaded my meager closet space.  I was desperate for more space for years so when my son was married a couple months ago I decided that maybe I would just get some simple clothes racks and move my clothes into his empty room :(.  BUT my incredible husband had other ideas…no simple, practical “clothes room/closet” for me…he thought I deserved a glamorous and pretty place to keep all my treasures in.  I, of course, did not argue with him!  Unbeknownst to me he had already picked out a stunning chandelier for me… I was so touched and thrilled!  So my whole new room grew out of that one thoughtful and beautiful chandelier.  It was time to put some glam in my life!

This closet project also served as a great distraction for both of us right after our son, his wife and dog moved out of our home and into their own.  We are both ecstatically happy for them but sad for us and miss them so much so we jumped in with both feet into this glam project for me.

Now in addition to needing a place for my fashion finds I also needed a space for writing my blog and really what better place to write about my fashion quests than actually sitting in the middle of it all…ideal!   One of my other quests in life (it’s not ALL about fashion…LOL) is finding serenity and peacefulness (talk about a quest!) so I do practice meditation and it’s sometimes difficult to find the perfect spot to meditate…so why not find my peace in a pretty room.  Perfect!

So we indeed had a major project on our hands…so the QUEST began.

To start our journey we went to a local unnamed closet company (OK, it was California Closets) to see how expensive it would be.  For just a very BASIC design with not even enough “hanging’ space for my needs…it would be approximately almost $3,000.   Well, I just wasn’t OK with that (did you think I would be?) and so my husband said he could do it for way less than that (he really is incredible!).  So armed with his handiness and creativity skills and my deal-finding skills …that’s when our quest truly began!

So instead of spending almost $3,000 for a closet that wouldn’t even serve my purpose fully we spent a GRAND TOTAL of $993.39 for the perfect glam closet/office/ meditation room. I truly love it and am so grateful to Jesse for all the hard work and great ideas…you really are the most amazing husband and a true gift.  And thanks to you everything is NOW in it’s pretty, peaceful place. 


Now once I saw the chandelier I just knew I had to have a round ottoman…CLASSIC GLAMOUR!


LOWE’S- $199.99


HOUZZ.com- Ottoman- $139.98 + free shipping


Let’s just say once we had these two pivotal items everything just flowed and was easy…we just looked for pretty and functional items.



closet 7 panorama




closet window view




Those glamour shots are my Mom and Dad in the 50’s !




**Below is the list of items and prices and stores or websites that I got them:


Priority was to have a long bar to hang everything on…

HOME DEPOT- Bar- $14.99


-And then of course a shelf on top to secure the bar (mostly right now being used to display)…

HOME DEPOT- wood for Shelf-$12.  Paint for shelf- $0 (already had it)


-Cubes for handbag storage…

TARGET-   6-Cube Organizer Shelf 11″ – Room Essentials™– $29.99 EACH X 2= $59.98

3-Cube Organizer Shelf 11″ – Room Essentials™$19.99 X 2= $39.98


-Where to put all the shoes?….

LOWES.COM- 20 Pair White and Gray Metal Shoe Rack- $25.48 x 2= $50.96 (free shipping)


-Needed a desk, of course…

BIG LOTS- Stratford Rustic 2-drawer Writing Desk- $99.99 minus 20% off coupon= $79.99

-I then needed a hook to hang the chosen outfit…

STORESUPPLYWAREHOUSE.COM- wall mount hook- $2.99 + free shipping


-Of course you need to hang the necklaces…

MICHAELS- Jewelry hangers- $9.99 (with coupon)



Now we had a place to put everything we needed to make it even prettier…

BEDBATHBEYOND.COM- Curtains- $55.78 + free shipping and rod  $12.85 + free shipping

HOME GOODS- Leaning Mirror- $89.99

Desk chandelier lamp- $15.00 on clearance

Large picture over desk- $59.99

“Hello Lovely” picture- $19.99

TARGET- Plush Shag Washable Rug – Project 62™- $59.99

HOME DEPOT.COM- decorative table- $42.65 (with coupon) + free shipping

DOLLAR GENERAL- “BeYOUtiful stickers- $1.00


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