This post is a little more personal for me than just great styles at a great prices…don’t get me wrong those are definitely here for sure! But February…a month that most people dread because of the dreary, cold weather has been, for a very long time, an actual favorite of mine. And it’s just a bonus that the vibrant, fun colors of pink and red are so prominent this month…everywhere of course…but especially in fashion.

But before we get to my style quest I will let you in on why February is good with me despite the extra gloomy of the weather.  Especially since all of you that know me are aware that I absolutely love summer and am not too fond of the winter months (to put it mildly).

So why do I like February so much you ask?   Well,  it all started when I was younger when Valentine’s Day was always fun because my mom always found a way to make the day special for all of us in any small way she could.  It then continued into my teen years because of the hope for new love (which usually didn’t pan out, of course!).  But it all worked out when one special day in February almost 34 years ago, I actually met the love of my life…my wonderful, gorgeous husband and we had our first date a few days later (and the rest ,as they say, is history!).   And then after many difficult years of waiting and being told it wasn’t possible the most precious miracle of my life ….our son…was born in February!  Our amazing son is older now and is marrying a wonderful girl that was also born in …that’s right, you guessed it…February!    So as you can see it is a month full of happy memories and events for me and that’s why  it holds such a special place in my heart.

Speaking of hearts… there is one more significant thing in February for me…it is the American Heart Association’s American Heart Health Month and the Go Red for Women campaign. I am a heart attack survivor and live with heart disease every day and so you will see a few items on my style list today that benefit the AHA.

So with all that said…I am obsessed with all things red and pink this month- and of course some crisp, clean white thrown into the mix adds the perfect touch! They are vibrant colors that can indeed perk up the darker dreary days of this month…so you can’t go wrong.  So I have gone on my monthly quest and included a list of cute, stylish and most importantly affordable colorful fashions. And this season it is not only acceptable but downright fashion-forward to wear your pink and red items together. Now I haven’t done it yet but am certainly going to give it a try! And you should too!

The piece that really started the red obsession for this month was the all these photos I was seeing of the RED LEATHER MOTO JACKET  and so my quest began:

february 1



I really love the WHITE BLOUSE and RED JACKET look the best so I went on a quest for that look but one that I could afford…and here is the outfit I found:

february 9

NEW YORK and COMPANY- Faux Leather Moto jacket- Flamenco Red- $89.99- sale for $29.99  https://www.nyandcompany.com

february 10

H&M V-Neck Blouse- $17.99- in store was $15.00 minus 40% off coupon= $9.00  http://www.hm.com/us/product/68229?article=68229-A


february 11

OLD NAVY Rockstar Raw edge jeans- $25.00 minus $10 super cash coupon= $15.00     http://Oldnavy.gap.com



So…then I saw these fantastic PINK MOTO JACKET outfits:


Here are my PINK MOTO JACKET OUTFIT finds:


NEW YORK and COMPANY –Sueded Faux Leather Moto Jacket- Pink Sand-$89.95- on sale for $49.00   https://www.nyandcompany.com/sueded-faux-leather-moto-jacket/A-prod12800005/



H&M- Poplin Blouse-  $29.99 minus 40% off coupon= $17.99 (FYI- sizes run bit large)                                     http://www.hm.com/us


OLD NAVY-Distressed Rockstar jeggings- $39.99 minus $10 super cash coupons= $29.99                          http://Oldnavy.gap.com


THEN I saw these amazing WHITE ANKLE BOOTS:

So here is the best WHITE BOOT deal I found:



PAYLESS- CHRISTIAN SIRIANO Veronica Kitten heel boots- $29.99 minus 30% off coupon= $20.99   https://www.payless.com/product/79376.html?dwvar_79376_color=smoothwhite


And don’t forget that THIS season you can wear the red and pink together if you choose…it’s a new cute way to make your February outfit stand out. So go ahead and mix and match any of the pink and red ideas and by all means wear those fantastic white boots with everything!!


I have found so many other cute red and pink items on my quest that I decided to just list them here for you…ENJOY!!


AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION-Listen to your heart relaxed t-shirt- $21.95   https://www.shopheart.org


AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION- Go Red Pop Art T-shirt- $22.99   https://www.shopheart.org


PAYLESS- Brash Drea Lace-up Sneaker- $24.99 minus 30% off coupon= $17.49   https://www.payless.com/product/79071.html?dwvar_79071_color=red


JCPENNEY- Belle & Skye Cold Shoulder Tie neck top- $44.00- on sale for $24.99 minus coupon 25%= $18.74   https://www.jcpenney.com


JUSTFAB-Sloan Ring Crossbody bag- $44.95- on sale $29.95   https://www.justfab.com/products/Sloan-Ring-Crossbody-Bag-CB1724308-7610


H&M Flounced Top- $24.99 – 40% off coupon=$14.99                 http://m.hm.com/us


FOREVER 21- Faux Leather Crossbody- $22.90 minus 10% coupon= $20.61   https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/Catalog/Product/f21/ACC_Handbags/1000266544


FOREVER 21- Faux leather Satchel- $24.90 minus 10% coupon= $22.41   https://forever21.com


Charlotte Russe- Studded Gored Ankle Booties- $40.99 on sale for $11.99    https://www.charlotterusse.com

red boots

NASHVILLE COWBOY- Red Deertan with Chain and Toe Tip- $229.99**

**although pricier than what I normally purchase I actually got two free pair of boots with them so the $229.99 equaled out to be $76.00 a piece.. a great deal for fantastic boots!

I bought them at the actual store in Nashville but you can get them online at:  http://www.twofreeboots.com/?q=Boots






  1. I’m the lucky one and enjoy every month with you Darling!!! Love you and keep up the great work with your blog, you always impress me with your fashion finds and deals.

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  2. What a great Valentine story, I remember my dad always bringing my mom and I a beautifully decorated heart shaped box of candy. It was always so special.
    I love the red and the pink Moto jackets. The outfits all look great. Those prices are amazing, thanks for the info and the fashion “put togethers “.

    Liked by 1 person

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