Finally my first blog!

Hello…I am very excited to be writing this blog…now I have actually wanted to do this for a long time but didn’t…it was always something in the way but mostly just my own insecurities on other people seeing and judging my words and thoughts even if it is “just” on fashion.  Well today’s the day I decided I honestly (and please don’t be offended) really don’t care what people think. That may not be completely true, of course I care what you think but I am just so tired of being afraid as I am quite sure some of you can relate to.  I love a quote that I saw somewhere…I really wish I knew where but it is this “ON THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR FEAR IS YOUR FREEDOM”.  I have decided that I am going to try to start living that quote a bit more every day.

So that is why I am finally here.  And no I am not going to solve world peace or anything here but I am going to just try and share my experiences with my quest for a simply fashionable life on a budget.  Going forward that is what this blog will be about, with  a few other things thrown in of course!

To start things out I am just going to give you a preview by showing what you can expect in the posts to come.  I would like to preface this and all following posts that all my “research” and “quests” are taking place through magazines and online only…no gas money needed!!  I see pics of fashion I would like to wear and own sometimes and then go on my online QUESTS to  get it at an affordable or down-right cheap price for me!

Full disclosure, I am presently a plus-size (14/16) middle aged woman.  I see many fashions I love in magazine pics, online, and even on TV shows and movies and then find similar and age appropriate styles in plus size or XL/XXL regular sizes.

So…Last summer I had a family wedding to attend and really couldn’t afford the kind of look I wanted.  I saw this pic in a magazine of the perfect floral dress (see pics and info below) but of course could NOT afford that ($445)…so the quest began…and I found the one I did purchase for over $400 less! And actually liked it even better because of the flutter sleeves (my arms aren’t quite as toned as they should be so that was helpful!) I ordered it online ($27.90) and when it arrived was a bit too large so I took to my local tailor and he made it fit perfectly for only a $20 charge.   And then of course I needed shoes, so I then saw black wedges I loved on Pinterest and researched an found them to be still a bit too expensive for me ($79) so then the quest began again…and I discovered the perfect and comfortable wedge below ($15) for $64 less!  So in conclusion I got my entire (tailored) outfit for only $63!! Wow..very proud of that!


dress 1

Sam & Lavi Floressa $445


dress 2

Forever 21 – $27.90

shoe 1

Jessica Simpson Black Wedge- $79

shoe 2

Kmart Tasmin Black Wedge- $15




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